Grechaninov: Passion Week


Conducted by Charles Bruffy, the Kansas City Chorale and Phoenix Bach Choir perform Grechaninov’s Passion Week.

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The Kansas City Chorale and Phoenix Bach Choir, Conducted by Charles Bruffy

Reviews and Accolades for Passion Week

Grechaninov’s Passion Week is a companion cycle to his better known, All-Night Vigil, and it is wonderful to hear it complete (bits sometime crop up in anthologies here and there, but it’s scarcely known outside Russia). The superlatives have already piled up against Charles Bruffy’s name, and deservedly so. There can only be one reason for a label to release repertoire they already had in their catalogue, and that is that [this] performance is so striking.—

Chandos’ Grechaninov: Passion Week, Op. 58, is a slam-dunk for those who love great choral music…