Eternal Rest


Conducted by Charles Bruffy, the Kansas City Chorale and Phoenix Bach Chorale perform works by Mantyjarvi, Ticheli, Martin, and Clausen.

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The Kansas City Chorale and the Phoenix Bach Choir, Conducted by Charles Bruffy

Mantyjarvi, Ticheli, Martin, Clausen: Choral Works

Track Listing

  1. Canticum Calamitatis Maritimae (Mantyjarvi)
  2. There Will Be Rest (Ticheli)
  3. Mass for Double Choir: Kyrie (Martin)
  4. Mass for Double Choir: Gloria (Martin)
  5. Mass for Double Choir: Credo (Martin)
  6. Mass for Double Choir: Sanctus (Martin)
  7. Mass for Double Choir: Agnus Dei (Martin)
  8. In Pace (Clausen)

Reviews and Accolades for Eternal Rest

Only the hardest heart will fail to be moved by this CD. The overall mood is one of peace and tranquillity, just occasionally tinged by underlying tensions, and a sumptuous example of the ‘spiritual’ music several composers (Pärt. Tavener and Rautavaara spring to mind) are writing today… Highly recommended.—The Organ

This performance has some stiff competition…but it easily holds its own.—BBC Music Magazine

By any reckoning this CD features astonishing singing. Pitch, intonation and ensemble are exactly where they need to be. Although there are miles and miles of soft singing on this disc, not once do the singers lose their tonal focus, and the intensity of sound actually seems to increase as the dynamic level increases…. To pile miracle upon miracle, Chandos has given the singers engineering which is both limpid and powerful. This would be a good disc with which to test you systems high-end response. God forbid that this ‘Eternal Rest’ should feed mere audiophilia, however!—International Record Review

Bruffy’s combined choirs lovingly convey the sensuality of all the music on this disc… The surround recording floats the choirs in a fair amount of air, but doesn’t drown them in a cathedral acoustic. For the quality of the compositions, performances, and sound, this is a highly desirable disc.—Fanfare